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Virtual Pro Network FIFA 19

Virtual Pro Network


1.1 League Format

Games will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 10:00 PM and 10:40 PM EST.

1.2 Tie Breakers for League Standings

If points are equal between two or more clubs at the end of the season:
Use points earned in the head-to-head season matches involving those clubs.
If the tie is not broken, use goal differential in the head-to-head matches.
If the tie is not broken, use goal differential for the season.
If the tie is not broken, use goals scored for the season.
Coin flip.

1.3 Playoff Rules

In each round of the playoffs, the highest seed gets matched with the lowest seed. Matching continues in this fashion until all clubs are paired.

Playoff rounds will have two legs. The first leg is hosted by the higher seeded club. The second leg is hosted by the lower seeded club. The club with the better score on aggregate will advance. There’s no away goals rule.

In case of a tie, further matches will be played using the golden goal rule (i.e. whichever team scores first wins). The first golden goal match is hosted by the higher seeded club, the second (if necessary) is hosted by the lower seeded club, and so on until the winner is decided.

1.4 Red Cards

A red card received during a season match does not carry over to later matches. However, a red card received during a playoff match carries over for the remainder of the round (including golden goal). In this situation, the affected club must use a BOT in place of the suspended player.

1.5 Transfer Window

During the transfer window managers can negociate transfers of players between clubs in exchange for another player or for a specific amount.

2.1 Reschedules

Rescheduling matches is not permitted. (With the current issues with getting a friendly to work, there may be instances where a reschedule may be agreed upon due to time constraints)

2.2 Tolerance Time

Either manager may ask to delay the match start time by 15 minutes. If the match does not start within this tolerance period, the manager whose team is present in the lobby AND who tried to contact the opponent may file for a forfeit win. However, before doing so, the manager must contact an admin and receive approval to file for the win.

Managers should contact an admin for further instruction if they cannot resolve the problem on their own. Warm-up matches and player tardiness are NOT valid reasons to request additional tolerance time.

Due to the hideous pro club friendly accepting situation, we implore that teams try to be ready ON TIME and trying to get into the match before the 15 minute grace period.

2.3 Pre-Game Requirements

To begin a match, each club must meet the following requirements:

  • Each player in the match lobby must be on the club’s roster in the VPN App.
  • Must have at least 7 players on the pitch.
  • Must have a player in the GK position.
  • Must have a player in the ANY position unless all 11 players are on the pitch. The GK cannot be the ANY. (Any not required until Pro Clubs is fixed)
  • Captain must be a player with stable connection and hosting from North America.

If a club does not meet any of these requirements, a forfeit win may be requested by the opponent. For the forfeit to be approved, conclusive proof must be provided to admins before or after the match. However, if the managers make a verbal agreement to play the match despite a violation of these requirements, the match result will stand.

2.4 Hosting

The club that is entered in the schedule as the home team (left-hand side on the VPN App) must send the opposing club a friendly invitation.

Hosts for matches must be residents of North America

2.5 Mid-Game Connection Issues

Clubs have the ability to back out of a match before the 10-minute mark. Clubs may back out in this fashion two times. On the third attempt, the game must be played.

If the GK or ANY lags out after the 10th minute, or if the club has 7 or fewer players remaining (due to lag-outs), the club may back out at half time. Clubs should only play one half of the next game. If this situation occurs during the second half, just finish the game.

If a team starts a match w/ NO Any, team cannot back out unless they lose GK, or have 7 or fewer

2.6 Goals Scored During Backing Out

Any goals scored during the process of backing out will roll over to the restarted game, so make sure the ball is far away from danger before backing out.

3.1 Game Play Conduct

Evidence of game play that appears to veer from “normal” game play may be reviewed and penalized. This includes glitching, hacking, or any other non-regular game play.

3.2 Time Wasting

Clubs may not waste time in their own half. Running to their own corners repeatedly, passing back to the GK multiple times will not be tolerated. Clubs may keep possession for extended periods in the opponent’s half. Using the provided time on throw ins, goal kicks, and any other set pieces does not fall under the time wasting ruling.

3.3 Goalkeeper Interference

GK interference is prohibited. GK interference is given if an opponent impacts the goalkeeper, while the ball is dead or away from the play, in such a way that it moves the goalkeeper, causes him to perform an unnatural animation, or disables him from normal action. GK interference is NOT given if (1) a player is “locked on” to the ball, or (2) a player falls or performs an unnatural animation that directly or indirectly interferes with the goalkeeper.

GK interference is awarded by admins after the match ends and sufficient evidence is presented. Sufficient evidence usually means video footage of the incident from one or multiple camera angles, with the camera (1) focusing on the affected goalkeeper, and (2) having a clear view of the ball and the player that ends up affecting the GK.

4.1 Rule Infractions

When a rule infraction occurs, managers should contact each other and make an attempt work it out. If this is not possible, managers should contact an admin for further instruction. Evidence will be required (e.g. witnesses, audio evidence, or video evidence). The admin will then decide on a course of action.

4.2 Scoreline Modifications

Admins reserve the right to modify the score of a completed match and levy punishments against the offenders.

4.3 Reporting Forfeits

Forfeits are entered on the VPN App as 1-0 wins with NO stats tallied (there is an option for this when reporting a match result).

4.4 Hacked Pros

Any type of hacked pros is completely prohibited and can result in forfeit and ban from the competition to the offenders.  Cases will be judged depending on the severity of the case.

4.5 Secondary Accounts

There is no excuse to own multiple accounts on the VPN App for the purpose of “hiding” one’s identity from other managers or admins. Evidence of users owning second accounts to disguise their identities will be reviewed and acted upon on a case-by-case basis.

4.6 Conduct

Users will respect other community members and admins at all times. Users may be suspended indefinitely for improper conduct (e.g. abuse, racism).

4.7 Club Folds (Mid-Season)

Clubs that quit/fold mid-season are 100% unacceptable and are not tolerated under any circumstance. Managers who fold their clubs may face bans from participating in future competitions.

Founding managers (the first manager listed on the VPN App) may NOT step down from their positions mid-season unless they declare a replacement beforehand. Co-managers, however, may step down at any time.

4.9 Fair Play Clause

Admins reserve the right to prevent, reverse, and/or punish any actions that are deemed to be outside the spirit of fair play, even if not specifically listed in the Rulebook. Admins also reserve the right to amend the Rulebook at any time. If players are banned, they are banned indefinitely and cannot participate in matches.