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ACL Season 22 Weekly WriteUp D1 Eastern Conference Week #2




ACL D1 Eastern Conference Weekly WriteUp, Week #2

Opening week of the ACL D1 Eastern Conference has came and passed, and without a doubt, there were some shocking results! A couple of the favorite teams that will be playoff bound took some L’s, some unknown squads proved they can pull out results against anyone, and some complete blowouts all happened. And the exciting part is that was only in the first week of ACL!! I love seeing competition, new players and teams rise to the occasion and slay some of the highest regarded players and teams. So without further ado, here’s the second installment of this season’s ACL D1 Eastern Conference Weekly Writeup!


#1. Nemesis XI – After an incredible journey last season in ACL D1 and claiming the throne and hoisting up the title, Nemesis is back at it with a solid 4 wins for their first week! They were able to take down Inform Maestros and the league favorite, InFamous Ones, resulting in 12 points! Nathanvilla was able to straight manhandle his opponents as he came away with 8 goals in only 4 games played! With some solid input from his midfield, this squad could easily find themselves slaying other big name teams throughout the season on a regular basis if they continue this level of play!

⁃ Ones To Watch: Nathanvilla19809, StreetStruck3431

#2. Fatal XI – Finishing slightly behind first place is Fatal, with some solid wins and a tie against their opponents Romulus FC and Illusionists Knights, coming away with 10/12 points! Even though this squad has some new pieces included into the squad, those new guys have been able to get some stats and contribute to their new home. Defensively, Fatal was able to maintain 2 cleansheets in their first week of play. Ultimately, this team will be gunning for another shot at claiming the title, and with the roster they have, there should be no reason they can’t

⁃ Ones To Watch: OMG_Itzzz_Pele, EL_B1CHOO, xDiamondz20-_-

#3. Real Galactics FC – Without a doubt, this team pulled out a shocker for their opening night, as they split games vs InFamous Ones, and still going off their momentum from the first night, RGFC was able to punish Duluth FC also with a pair of wins! Chucha_FaNaTiC_- was able to find the back of the net 7 times in his 4 games played, and solidified himself as the go to man up top of this team wants to be a threat for the entire season! Off the bat, this team looks to have changed some of their mishaps from last season, and will look to try and stay consistent for the entirety of the season! Kudos to you fellas!!

⁃ Ones To Watch: Chucha_FaNaTiC_-, carpal305

#4. AC Munich – Newcomers to the D1 Eastern Conference, AC Munich was able to pull out 7/12 points for the week, as they tied and lost to World Class, and beat Romulus FC by a huge margin in their final game of last week! With their midfield equally contributing as much as their offense, the one area I’d be concerned for is their defense, as they conceded 9 goals for the week. But with practice comes better chemistry, so it will be exciting to see how this newly formed team fares against the rest of the top squads for the remainder of the season

⁃ Ones To Watch: RGARCIA018, Capoon

#5. Latino Kings FC – Another new addition to this seasons promoted squads, LKFC were able to muster up enough strength to split wins vs Prolific, plus get a win and a draw vs the talented World Class FC! At first glance these fellas don’t have any flashy names that have signed with them, but without a doubt the Can move the ball quite well! Their coming week will see them facing off against a few teams that are currently at the bottom of the table, as well as a mid table team. And if they continue to play their game, they could walk away with a great deal of points for the week!

⁃ Ones To Watch: U_MR-7, Yubanki14_BX_, Carranza_BX_

#6. World Greatest – After an up and down battle last season trying to stay afloat in D1, World Greatest have started off with some decent week 1 results, as they tied and won vs Duluth, and then split wins vs Prolific Futbol. Undoubtedly, World Greatest have seemed to always been able to move the ball well. But what will make then compete with the rest will Be their ability to hold strong defensively. If they can manage that, this team may be able to continue to put up a fight against some of the other top talent they’ll find themselves facing off against

⁃ Ones To Watch: CrisPeruSoccer, Ruzyh_

#7. Prolific Futbol – This newly formed super team of Olympus and Prolific, on paper, is one of the most fiercest looking rosters any team will come up against. But on their debut week, Prolific showed they have some areas that need to tighten up. This coming week, they’ll face off against a good group of squads, and will give a good glimpse at what we can expect for the rest of the season. If they manage to pull out their wins, as they should, they’ll be back on track to a great season. Let’s just hope they figure out their mishaps so we can see them in good form!

⁃ Ones To Watch: the entire squad lol

#8. Inform Maestros – iFM started off their week with a pair of losses vs the reigning champs Nemesis XI, but, Inform Maestros were able to bounce back the following day with some solid wins against Elite Technique and also manage to earn 2 clean sheets. Manager Inieszta went about Acquiring new talent from the Xbox VPN/EGN community, and these guys have stepped in and already made a difference in the feel of the attack. With playing together and building off of their chemistry with the veterans of the squad, this team should be able to move the ball with high energy, and pick apart their opponents. They’ll just need to work at doing it on a consistent basis

⁃ Ones To Watch: Pulgax10, TacoBaleinho, eLeX_Lazer

#9. World Class FC – After a decent start to their opening day games with a tie and win vs AC Munich, their day 2 results were not as pleasing, as they lost and tied vs Latino Kings. Their coming week games starts of opponents they should be able to beat, but their last game day will be a true challenge to see how they stand against one of the heavy favorites in the league, InFamous Ones. There’s no doubt, World Class is a well oiled machine, lead in the attack by dope_killah14 and LIRA-G, with a lot of returning players that have helped them become such a powerhouse. But they’ll need to work on staying more consistent and getting all the results they can WHEN they can, so they won’t fall down the ladder at all this season.

⁃ Ones To Watch: dope_killah14, LIRA-G, Da-Mentaliszt

#10. Illusionists Knights – Another newly promoted team debuting in the D1 Eastern Conference, iK showed that they can play against veteran teams, as they split wins vs Elite Technique, and tied and lost vs Fatal XI. This coming week will possibly be their easiest in terms of who they Square off against, but they’ll still need to work towards getting better chemistry in the attack and back line if they want to see postseason play. Without much knowledge of the squad, I’m going based off of stats, so as the weeks progress I’ll be able to know more less how this team matches up against their opponents.

⁃ Ones To Watch: EA06-503, King_Katracho_18

#11. Elite Technique- xBrianfromWork is back with his boys, and unfortunately didn’t pull out the results they’d hope for in their week 1 of gameplay. ET faced newcomers Illusionists Knights, and split wins. On their 2nd game day, they faced off against Inform Maestros and fell short of scoring any goals or earning any points as they picked up 2 losses. This veteran squad surely can pick up the pace and be back on track to finding post season play, but for this upcoming week, they’ll have to find a way to get some wins vs some very talented squads. They’ll play again Nemesis, Fatal and AC Munich. I do believe they’ll get a win or 2, but they’ll really need to focus their time and efforts and work at getting their defense better.

⁃ Ones To Watch: BluFF19, Michaelx23Jordan, xBrianfromWork

#12. InFamous Ones – This highly talented team somehow fell short on every aspect of their debut back into ACL. They did get 1 win vs Real Galactics, but met their match when they came up against Nemesis XI. This team has been a well polished team that has the trophies to back it up, but they’ll need to bounce back after a rough week. Their 2nd week won’t be any easier as they come up against some very sound teams, but I have a feeling InFamous will show why they’ve earned all those trophies, and regain traction in this season 22 of D1. Welcome back boys, let’s step it up!

⁃ Ones To Watch: alexis7793, X_Thiago_Silva_O, JAV1_BRUTAL

#13. Duluth FC – starting off the exact opposite way they did last season, Duluth came out underperforming, and losing all games except one, that resulted in a draw vs World Greatest, and earned 1/12points for opening week. There have been quite a bit of changes around Duluth, but with JayAdams still holding the reigns, id imagine these guys will bounce back. Unfortunately, they’ve got probably the hardest week ahead of them, as they face off against potentially all top 5 D1 teams this week alone. If they can tie instead of lose any of these games, it will help their case for the rest of the season. But early losses in the season could hinder their confidence as the season goes on. Hopefully the fellas at Duluth can regain their composure.

⁃ Ones To Watch: JayAdams, Das_Panzer_17

#14. Romulus FC – As much as I like a lot of the guys on this team, I have a feeling they’re going to struggle for season 22 in D1, as the competition is fierce, and I’m not 100% sure they stay afloat. I don’t want to speak too much on the rest of the season, but management has to take a hard look in the mirror and figure out their issues, try to regain composure, and possibly experiment with lineups and formations that will better suit them. Individually they have some solid players. But RFC has to be able to harness all that individual talent into team talent. This 2nd week may be their only chance to not have as hard of a time to make adjustments, as they don’t face the toughest of opponents. But at the end of the day, Romulus have to step it up and not replicate their 0 win/point debut if they want to stay in D1!

⁃ Ones To Watch: Red_rose72, Abe123lol, ChayceH19

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