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ACL D1 Eastern Conference Season 22 Weekly Writeup

ACL Season 22 D1 Eastern Conference Weekly WriteUp



AC Munich – Stepping into the big leagues is the newly promoted D2 team, AC Munich, who will have a lot of work cut out for them! With another stacked group of squads coming into this season 22 of ACL in D1 Eastern Conference, Munich will have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time, seeing as they are relatively new to the competitive pro clubs scene. From what can be seen though, they seem to have a couple of offensive pieces that can put together some passes and get their ST’s some goals, but this new squad will have a lot of learning to do if they want to remain in D1 by the end of the season! Best of luck to you new fellas!

Duluth FC – As being one of the more veteran ran squads, Duluth looks to come back into this season 22 with a good amount of new faces, and something that JayAdams will have to work really quickly on getting the boys in shape! There’ve been a number of times last season that Duluth looked like they were for sure going to make playoffs. But towards the second half of the season 21, things started to unravel and their squads level of play plummeted. Fortunately they managed to still find themselves in the middle of the pack, but  just one point shy from playoff position. With some new signings in Brooklyn_Nets197, Arkarito, KevinTheFather4, I_Have_No_Name95 and plenty others, we will see what the new face of Duluth has to offer! Best of luck boys!

Elite Technique – ET is back again, led by their main man xBrianfromWork, with not too many changes to the roster, but they’ve added a nice signing in kelz121212. One area this team needs to solidify will be their defense, as they did not have many clean sheets last season. On the offensive end, ET will need to continue to share the ball amongst the attacking players to utilize all options possible if they want to find themselves back in playoffs. These guys can play with the best of them, so do not fall asleep on this talented bunch!

Fatal XI – After a fairly successful regular season play this past season 21, FXI were unfortunately shown the door quite quickly in postseason play as they matched up against Nemesis XI, and were defeated by none other then the team who ended up winning ACL Playoffs all together. But this season, they’ve Brought back some highly skilled players to help reshape their offensive stature as well as their defensive composure. The return of Pele will help this team greatly, as well as the huge pick ups they will bring along with Diamondz, FcTortilla, and the big man up top EL_B1CHOO who was one of the most profound scorers last season! I have a feeling this squad will bring it together and be one of the biggest threats come postseason play! Good luck fellas, and I can’t wait to play against this amazing team!

Illusionists Knights – Just from looking off their currently club/roster on the app, these guys will need to make sure to bring in plenty of reinforcements for the current season if they want to be any type of threat. As it currently stands, they’ve got 12 rostered players, and made a deep late postseason push to claim Promotion into the heavily stacked D1 Eastern Conference. If I’m not mistaken, they’ve been here before and were relegated, so kudos to the management to bring them back to D1. I don’t have too much to go off of, but what’s previously been presented, so ultimately, the regular season will give us a better outlook on this team and how they fare against their competitors.

InFamous Ones – After a nice break away from ACL and taking their talents to the Mexican League, Thiago Silva & company return back to ACL and will be one of the favorites coming in straight away. All over the pitch this team proves they’re highly regarded as one of the better ps4 teams to ever play together, it will be interesting to see how they match up against some of the newly formed teams throughout the division that have already had a fair amount of success. Without a doubt, this team will make a deep postseason run, and with the amount of solid players they’ve got rostered, they could possibly go all the way and bring back another title! I can’t wait for my team to go up against this squad!!! Best of luck fellas!

Inform Maestros – iFM are returning back to D1 for their second consecutive chance at getting to play against some of the best talent that North America has to offer. But this season, they’ve brought in some unknown talent from the NA Xbox community, and will be looking to prove they can compete on both platforms! With some solid signings in AoC_DeGea-1, Elvir1993, Pulgax10, ForeverShiek, and many more, I am excited to see what my team has to offer competitively against some of these others highly skilled teams!

Latino Kings – Formerly known as OLANCHANOS, Latino Kings will be taking on the managerial role for the previously owned OLANCHANOS FC, and will find themselves coming up against some fierce talent in the D1 Eastern Conference. Despite that fact, the manager has some solid around him that he hopes can help elevate the playing field in their favor. With some highly praises for players XxComandantex & Yubanki14_BX_, he’s hoping these fellas can get them on track to finding post season play! Good luck to the new managers, as this will be a highly competitive conference for Season 22!

Nemesis XI – After a shocking 1st season in D1, NXI pulled through for the underdog story, and ended up rocking the ACL community as they won ACL after their first promotion into D1!!!! I’m super happy for Neffer and the boys they got that team the title! But this season, they’ll look to continue their star studded performance, but without their star talent EL_B1CHOO!?!? With a couple new signings, this team will still look good, as they’ve brought in Nathanvilla19809, Chucky_28x, and Ronny_Catracho, but they’ll seriously need to replan their attack, as they’ll be hoping to fill in the void B1CHOO has left!

Prolific Futbol – After much speculation and many rumors, Prolific & Olympus have joined forces, and formed one of the meanest looking rosters ACL has ever seen! With many different signings, and and removals of players, this team will be one of the dominant forces come Season 22 of ACL. I expect this team to get to the finals, after having lost to Nemesis XI in the previous season Eastern Conference playoff finals. But, the only thing that will, in my mind, be a factor is the playing time and how they equally share it amongst themselves. This is another team I can’t wait to face off against, because they will more than likely go down as one of the better ACL teams we will play against!

ReaL Galactics – After a brutal Season 21, Galactics FC will need to highly step up their game coming into the new season. And by some signings I’m seeing, they’re definitely putting forth the effort to bring guys in. But, they’ll need more than the 12 current players they have. I believe that was one of their issues last season was people showing up, so if they do end up showing up, RGFC may have a fighting chance at making some noise. My best goes out to A10 and the fellas there at RGFC!

Romulus FC – After a couple teams have dropped, Romulus find themselves in D1 finally after taking on some hard times for the past couple seasons in D2! The good thing is RFC kept most of their core players intact, and they’ll know how to play together. And having finished 1st in regular season play in D2 is a great achievement. They’ve also brought in some talented players with the likes of Red_rose72, IanBlaze, Abe123lol and XaviCatalan! It will be interesting to see how Romulus will match up against the heavily talented D1 teams that there currently are in the Eastern Conference, And I hope they can make a decent amount of noise for themselves throughout the community for this upcoming season! Best of luck and shoutout to my homies Chayce & Mashaldo!

World Class FC – After an outstanding debut in the D1 Eastern Conference last season, World Class are back at it again, and with some highly skilled players returning as well as joining them! This guys have been a well oiled machine for quite some time. With the addition of Blizzard2010 in goal, bringing back Lira-G after a short stint away from the club, and other signings I’ve yet to see, I’m sure this goal heavy team led by dope_killah14 will be a top 5 team if all their moving pieces fall into place! I’ve got nothing but love and respect for the fellas at WCFC, and I’d imagine they’ll be on track for making a deep postseason run!

World Greatest – After an incredibly difficult season 21, WG are back by the skin of their teeth to jump right back into D1 eastern Conference again, but from the looks of it haven’t really made any promising signings. This team has always been able to play at a very good level, but with the lack of leadership, recruitment, defensive or offensive presence, this team will quickly run into problems if they don’t truly work to get better. Last season, World Greatest was generally at the bottom of the ladder for the entirety of the season. Let’s hope they shake off the rust, get the juices flowing, and find some form. Because this season there will be lots of non forgiving teams that will punish those teams who don’t come prepared!



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